Selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan

How to Begin

The open enrollment period to acquire a Medical supplement plan is within 6 months of turning 65 and getting your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. An insurance company providing Medicare plans cannot reject you, during this time, for any medical conditions one may already have. If, by chance, you join beyond the 6 months, you may be rejected from getting some plans because of your ongoing health conditions. Also the premiums may be increased considerably each year that you wait to join. If you want to be approved, it is necessary to acquire a Medicare supplement plan within this time period.

What Are The Plans

There are Medicare supplement plans lettered from A-N. You can review all the plans online to see what one will meet your medical needs and how they differ from each other. All the Medicare supplement plans are identical, whichever insurance company you choose.  Some states may be different, so one needs to check in their area to see what is offered. The premiums can also be different from state to state, so that is also a big consideration.

What Are The Differences

Some Medicare supplement plans have higher premiums and deductibles and will cover more health concerns between them. It is essential to pick a plan that will meet your health concerns and your budget.


What Is Important To Look For

Medicare covers 80% of your medical bills. The remaining 20 % will be covered by the Medicare supplement plan and this will be doctor visits, tests ordered by your doctor and other outpatient services one may need.

The most common Medicare supplement is Plan F. This plan has two types, one with high deductibles and one with low deductibles. One must review each plan to see which suits ones needs. Aetna medicare supplement do not cover prescriptions, dental, or vision.

Cost of a Medicare Supplement Plan

A Medicare supplement plan can cost around $183 a month. This will depend on how much medical coverage one wishes to pay for. Your age may be a factor also, so one needs to look at all options.

When you decide to get a Medicare supplement plan, it is wise to check the insurance company one chooses to see if it is accredited in your state and is in good standing. One needs to look carefully at all the options before getting a Medicare supplement plan.