Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans

Is it better to have Medicare Advantage or Medigap Plans will be a major question for the senior citizen of the USA? It is advisable to check online for the list of advantages and disadvantages of Medicare. You can also search the internet for the Medicare supplement vs Medicare advantage 2018. This will provide the latest in Medicare Supplement plans. This is because it is private Medicare Supplement Insurance. There are many service providers in this market. It will be a daunting task to buy a Medigap plan, which has more benefits and low premium.

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  • Medicare Plans is the best medical insurance coverage offered by the federal government. It is especially for the people above 65-years and above age. The Medicare Supplement Plans are an additional cover, which a Medicare policyholder has a choice to buy or not.
  • It is the best health insurance for the people suffering from chronic diseases in their old age.
  • The people with pre-history of some illness are eligible to take this insurance.
  • There is no medical screening necessary for the people who are eligible to enroll for this medical insurance cover.
  • The federal government issues this health insurance for the people with disabilities.
  • The people with existing Medicare Plans can buy the Medicare Supplement Insurance.
  • The health policyholders can switch their plans conveniently.
  • You have the choice to select a private health insurance company with a low premium and maximum advantages.


  • The disadvantages of Medicare Plans are it does not cover diseases in the last stage. It does not cover renal diseases.
  • The Medicare Supplement plans premium is high with the private insurance companies.
  • Both the plans have state wise limitation for the policyholder to entitle its privileges.
  • The frequent travelers will not get any benefits when they are not in the USA.
  • Only the US nationals are eligible to take advantage of this federal health insurance policy.

The Medicare Supplement Plans are the best to have with your existing Medicare Plans. This will benefit to cover those costs, which the Medicare Plans do not service. It is advisable to check the plans, terms, and condition before buying the Medigap Plans. You can consult with a licensed health insurance agent to know more about this medical insurance. You can also consult online and clear your doubts.