Prevent Diabetes, Stay Healthy

Diabetes is a metabolic disease as described by the experts wherein the person has high blood sugar level which is either due to low insulin production or inadequate insulin production in the body. Sometimes there is inadequacy in the body which prevents the body to respond to these insulin leading to diabetes.

Which diabetic patient are you?

  • Type 1 Diabetes: This is seen in 10% diabetes cases where body does not produce enough insulin. This is also known as juvenile diabetes and patients here are treated with insulin injections to balance the need of insulin in the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes: This occurs where the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells in the body are not able to react to these insulin in the most effective manner, which creates the condition. Almost 90% of the diabetes patients are known to be suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Gestation Diabetes: This is seen in pregnant women when in the condition the body is unable to transport the needed glucose to all the cells. They have high glucose level and the insulin seem to be inadequate to make them reach the cells. This is, however, a rare kind, but severe and should be taken care off.

How to prevent the condition?

Most of the type 2 diabetes patients are seen working on their weight and their diet. Exercise and diet control has shown great results in diabetic patients. Active lifestyle and healthy diet should be the motto for most of these patients. People who are prediabetic- which means they are on the path of developing the condition and also have a family history to support the claim can benefit the most from this diet plan. They should get in a health program where aerobics and resistance exercising are combined to provide the body enough strength and high sensitivity to insulin improving the condition.

Diabetes patients should eat plenty of fiber as it reduces the blood sugar level and also lowers any heart risks. They make you feel full and thus remove chances of overeating.  Increase the intake of whole grains in your food as they are known to reduce blood sugar level.  It is always advisable to keep the blood sugar level in control and thus experts should be consulted from time to time. A chart may be highly helpful to see if your diabetes condition has increased or is in control. Alcohol consumption and smoking must be avoided at any cost. Drinking may be permitted occasionally but only with doctor’s consent.  Prevention is the best key to good health.  Find good insurance here