Can Medicare Supplement Insurance Premiums Be Standardized?

Can Medicare Supplement Insurance Premiums Be Standardized?

Each year, nearly 10 million seniors complete their Medicare Parts A and B with a Medigap plan, are you looking for a supplement plan for 2020 . The goal is to guarantee all health costs that are missing from traditional Medicare insurance. Many of those beneficiaries do not even know that they are paying a lot for their Medigap plan.

One of the greatest difficulties faced by those who expect to buy an insurance plan for the Medicare supplement are the different awards established by the insurance companies. Although the benefits of Medigap plans are standardized, insurers can sell a plan for any price they may receive. The buyer should be cautious and only informed customers will receive the best deal for their money.

According to the report of the risk rating agency Weiss Ratings, millions of elderly people have difficulty in evaluating the flow of plans they receive from various insurers. There are reasons for this.

Even for beneficiaries of the same age who reside in the same city, a specific plan, such as Medigap C Plan, can be sold with very different premium, but the benefits are not very different. Prices can vary up to 1,300% among plans sold throughout the country.

State regulators allow insurers to obtain Medigap rates based on the costs and medical expenses of the insurance company. For example, if you are a beneficiary of Medigap Plan F, you can pay around $3,654 or $ 5,419. There is no difference in insurance, but someone receives it for about $2 thousand less than any other person.

One of the best ways to protect yourself and save money is to compare the prices of several insurance companies before applying. Talking to an agent who works for any insurance company that promotes the supplemental Medicare plans in which you live may take some time, although there is a faster way. Websites provides free access to their quotation systems. But the Internet is not your only option. Normally, these sites also provide free personal assistance.

Another thing that you should understand is exactly what each type of Medigap insurance implies. Plan A has the lowest benefits and plan F, the most complete insurance. The other plans offer a range of resources and combine benefits in different ways. Some plans reimburse Medicare for 50, 75 or 100% of the major deduction. This part is deductible for hospitalization. They are close to US$ 1,132 and the Congress makes the public aware of how much will be each year.

Although this is a fairly high franchise, it is not an annual cost. The subsidy from Part A will be reinstated after 60 days of hospitalization or care center. If you need to be hospitalized again in the same year, you must spend enough in the Medicare program to pay for the Part A allowance.

It is important to remember that open registration events mean that no health problems are necessary. This is another key to keeping the costs of the awards low. If you buy at any time outside the open enrollment period and your health is of concern to your insurance company about your health problems, you may be asked to pay higher premiums than a healthy person.

Seniors should Priorities in Investing on Small Medium Enterprises

Seniors should Priorities in Investing on Small Medium Enterprises

Small Medium Enterprises also called SMEs is basically a type of business investment where a person can invest in small or medium businesses depending on the amount of capital they have at their disposal. If you are a senior who has just retired at the age of 65, it is very important for you to consider investing in SMEs rather than in other types of investment. Someone will ask why? But there are a number of reasons why SMEs are the best for seniors like you who have never been in business before. For those seniors who have invested in SMEs, their success can be attributed to the fact that SMEs always gives you an opportunity to grow from a seedling to a very huge tree only if your wish.

Why are SMES better choice for seniors?

There are a number of reasons why SMEs are the best for seniors to consider. The first reason is that they help you start small. If you will ask an expert in business, he/she will tell you that it is better to start small and in that case, SMEs allows you to start small and follow every step of your business as it grows. How do you feel when a business that started small has grown into a very big business? It is such a wonderful feeling for seniors especially if you struggle so much to bring your business into the right track.

SMEs are Easily Managed by a sole individual

Independence is what most seniors would want to have when running their business. With that idea in mind, it is very crucial to consider SME so that you can have an opportunity to manage you own business hence exercising self-independence. There has been a lot of debates regarding whether or not seniors would consider investing in SMEs but the answer is 2020 medicare supplement quotes right here in front of your nose today. If you would like to be your own boss, then you need to make sure that you invest in SMEs and not any other kind of business.

SMEs are the best when it comes to market survival

The basis of every new business is survival before the business could start spreading its roots and eventually adopting to the new environment. With that idea in mind, seniors who have just started a business investment should make sure that they choose SMEs so as to survive in the market for long.

Selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan

How to Begin

The open enrollment period to acquire a Medical supplement plan is within 6 months of turning 65 and getting your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. An insurance company providing Medicare plans cannot reject you, during this time, for any medical conditions one may already have. If, by chance, you join beyond the 6 months, you may be rejected from getting some plans because of your ongoing health conditions. Also the premiums may be increased considerably each year that you wait to join. If you want to be approved, it is necessary to acquire a Medicare supplement plan within this time period.

What Are The Plans

There are Medicare supplement plans lettered from A-N. You can review all the plans online to see what one will meet your medical needs and how they differ from each other. All the Medicare supplement plans are identical, whichever insurance company you choose.  Some states may be different, so one needs to check in their area to see what is offered. The premiums can also be different from state to state, so that is also a big consideration.

What Are The Differences

Some Medicare supplement plans have higher premiums and deductibles and will cover more health concerns between them. It is essential to pick a plan that will meet your health concerns and your budget.

What Is Important To Look For

Medicare covers 80% of your medical bills. The remaining 20 % will be covered by the Medicare supplement plan and this will be doctor visits, tests ordered by your doctor and other outpatient services one may need.  The most common Medicare supplement is Plan F. This plan has two types, one with high deductibles and one with low deductibles. One must review each plan to see which suits ones needs. Aetna medicare supplement do not cover prescriptions, dental, or vision.

Cost of a Medicare Supplement Plan

A Medicare supplement plan can cost around $183 a month. This will depend on how much medical coverage one wishes to pay for. Your age may be a factor also, so one needs to look at all options. When you decide to get a Medicare supplement plan, it is wise to check the insurance company one chooses to see if it is accredited in your state and is in good standing. One needs to look carefully at all the options before getting a Medicare supplement plan.

All About The Types Of Venture Capital Funding

Venture Capitalists are those individuals who invest on a business or start-up having thoroughly analyzed its potential, with the aim to uplift its performance and generate greater returns from it.  Depending on the stage and type of businesses, there are three principal types of venture capital funding:

  • Early Stage or Seed Funding
  • Growth Funding
  • Acquisition Funding

The investment on the startup as a part of its working capital goes through multiple stages of funding.

The Early Stage Financing contains:

Seed Funding: It is the most basic level of funding intended to be used to validate the idea and prepare it to be taken to the advanced stages.

Startup Funding: These are a set of funding rounds which are provided to get the start-up up and running from setting up its service / platform, hiring employees, completing legal and acquiring initial pool of customers through marketing.

Initial Stage Financing: The primary objective of initial stage financing is to kickstart new business strategies after usage of the preliminary funding in setting up the business.

The Growth / Expansion Financing contains:

Second Stage Funding: This is provided to companies who want to expand through a very major approach. By then, it would have gone through all the market validation and customer acquisition rounds and the concerned parties are sure of its running. A bridge funding is provided to stabilize the position of the company until the bigger fund is sanctioned to them.

The Acquisition or Buyout Funding contains:

Acqusition Funding: It is provided to a business with the interest of it, acquiring some or a whole of other businesses. It helps companies scale up, expand and improve its operations. The funding is offered to companies with a good stream of revenue and stability acquired in the market.

Buyout Funding: It is a more focused form of funding wherein the company is assisted to acquire a particular part of product of another company.

From the infant stage to a fully-fledged and running business, a start-up would have to go through multiple stages of funding constantly fulfilling the requirements of each stage. One advantage with Venture funds is that the company need not repay the money directly. As a return for the investment, equities are provided to the investors which determine their share in the profit. Although it can be argued that the authority of the owners are lost in the process, the right funds and the right investors can only bolster the team and the product as a whole. Apart from working with the idea directly, a start-up aiming to make it big, must also continuously endeavors towards acquiring these funds. Find out more here

Medicare Supplement Plans for Under 65 and disabled individuals

Medicare Supplement plans called also as Medigap, assist managing the costs that go beyond the pocket such as the coinsurance, copayments and deductibles that are Original Medicare A and B Parts. The Medicare Supplement plans are issued by the private insurance companies, so that they cover the costs that are normally not paid by Medicare, that includes the blood first three pints during a medical procedure and there is emergency health coverage as you are not in the country.

The Medicare Supplement plans are of 10 types and this is mostly available in all the states in the U.S. Here each plan has a different alphabet letter. Though the private insurance companies selling may vary, the benefits for each plan type are standardized. The benefits, plans and cost may vary with location and state.  Now, whether you are eligible to avail Medicare Supplement plans insurance is complicated in case you have the Original Medicare due to disability. However, here is an insight of how the plans work when you are under 65 and are disabled.

The private insurance companies selling Medicare Supplement plans may not offer all the plan types. However, if you are under 65 years, the options may be limited. But if you have a disability and are under the age of 65 years, you may be enrolled with Medicare supplement plans, but the options are restricted.  As it comes to disabled people, the Medicare Supplement plans for under 65 beneficiaries vary with state law from state to state. In fact, your state may:

  • Need private insurance companies selling to under 65 people at least one Medicare supplement insurance plan to all the beneficiaries.
  • Specify the private companies to provide the under 65 people Medicare supplement plans only if the beneficiaries have renal disease in the end-stage.
  • Requires the private companies selling insurance to sell to disabled beneficiaries the Medicare supplement plans keeping ESRD as exclusive.
  • It may ask the private insurance companies not to give Medicare supplement insurance plans for the under 65 beneficiaries, whatever may be the reason.

However, even in case any state issues Medicare Supplement plans to individuals under 65 disabled beneficiaries, there may be limited options, and you cannot avail the plan you want. You also have to take medical underwriting and pay more for coverage. Thus, the best time to avail the Medigap plans is during enrolment when you enjoy a guaranteed issue right and cannot be turned for coverage, regardless of your health. Visit for free online rates.

Prevent Diabetes, Stay Healthy

Diabetes is a metabolic disease as described by the experts wherein the person has high blood sugar level which is either due to low insulin production or inadequate insulin production in the body. Sometimes there is inadequacy in the body which prevents the body to respond to these insulin leading to diabetes.

Which diabetic patient are you?

  • Type 1 Diabetes: This is seen in 10% diabetes cases where body does not produce enough insulin. This is also known as juvenile diabetes and patients here are treated with insulin injections to balance the need of insulin in the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes: This occurs where the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells in the body are not able to react to these insulin in the most effective manner, which creates the condition. Almost 90% of the diabetes patients are known to be suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Gestation Diabetes: This is seen in pregnant women when in the condition the body is unable to transport the needed glucose to all the cells. They have high glucose level and the insulin seem to be inadequate to make them reach the cells. This is, however, a rare kind, but severe and should be taken care off.

How to prevent the condition?

Most of the type 2 diabetes patients are seen working on their weight and their diet. Exercise and diet control has shown great results in diabetic patients. Active lifestyle and healthy diet should be the motto for most of these patients. People who are prediabetic- which means they are on the path of developing the condition and also have a family history to support the claim can benefit the most from this diet plan. They should get in a health program where aerobics and resistance exercising are combined to provide the body enough strength and high sensitivity to insulin improving the condition.

Diabetes patients should eat plenty of fiber as it reduces the blood sugar level and also lowers any heart risks. They make you feel full and thus remove chances of overeating.  Increase the intake of whole grains in your food as they are known to reduce blood sugar level.  It is always advisable to keep the blood sugar level in control and thus experts should be consulted from time to time. A chart may be highly helpful to see if your diabetes condition has increased or is in control. Alcohol consumption and smoking must be avoided at any cost. Drinking may be permitted occasionally but only with doctor’s consent.  Prevention is the best key to good health.  Find good insurance here


The History of Medicare

The United States is the main vast industrialized country that does not have a national medical coverage program for all natives. Rather it has a framework called Medicare that spreads 80% of the medicinal services costs for people more than 65 and some impaired individuals. This framework is separate from Medicaid which funds social insurance for poor people and covers a few costs not secured by Medicare.

The push to make a national medical coverage framework in the United States started in 1912 when previous President Theodore Roosevelt proposed such a program as a feature of an outsider keep running for President. In 1934, endeavors were made to have medical coverage incorporated into the enactment that made Social Security. Political weight from specialists and different gatherings shielded medical coverage from being a piece of the enactment.

In 1945, President Harry S. Truman encouraged the production of a national medical coverage framework. His endeavors fizzled on account of composed resistance in Congress.

The Social Security Act of 1965

In 1965, Congress reacting to worries about expanded human services costs for more seasoned people passed an alteration to the Social Security Act which made Medicare. The demonstration made two benefits, Medicare Part A which secured hospitalization and Medicare Part B which gave insurance to take care of other medicinal services costs. The law making Medicare was marked by President Lyndon Johnson on July 30, 1965, at the marking service previous President Truman was issued the main Medicare card.  Medicare Part A was financed by an expansion to the FICA charges on compensations and wages that fund Social Security. Medicare Part B is financed by a mix of FICA and a month to month premium paid by beneficiaries.

Medicare Part C

Congress has rolled out various imperative improvements to Medicare since it made the program in 1965. A standout amongst the majority of imperative of these was Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage. Made in 1997, this program empowered individuals to purchase private medical coverage arrangements to Medicare Supplement Plans 2018.  This was done on the grounds that the increasing expense of social insurance left numerous beneficiaries unfit to cover the 20% of medicinal services costs Medicare did not pay for. Rather the private insurance plans take care of these expenses.

Professionally prescribed Drug Coverage

The first Medicare just secured the real care and administrations gave by medical experts, for example, specialists. It didn’t pay for professionally prescribed medications. Physician endorsed drugs were at long last added to Medicare in 2006 when Congress made Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D made the independent solution insurance plans numerous people enlist in.


In 2010, Congress passed a bundle of wellbeing changes prevalently called Obamacare after President Barack Obama. This enactment extended Medicaid qualification and authorized an arrangement requiring all people not qualified for Medicare or Medicaid to purchase private health care coverage. It likewise required organizations utilizing in excess of 50 individuals to purchase medical coverage for all workers.  Medicare stays a standout amongst the most prominent government programs despite the fact that numerous specialists have raised questions about its reasonability. A few lawmakers and others have predicated the program could come up short on cash by 2021 unless it is changed. These worries have driven numerous endeavors to change Medicare few of which have been fruitful.

Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap

Medicare is the US Government’s federally managed across the nation social insurance that was established in 1965. Americans who are 65 years old or older are ensured access to health care through this program. In any case, more youthful people with handicaps or who are at last phase of renal disease are secured by Medicare. Medicare benefits are separated into four classifications as takes after:

  • Part A – hospital insurance
  • Part B – medicinal insurance
  • Part C – Medicare Advantage plans
  • Part D – prescription medication plans

Section A spreads any hospitalization that is required while Part B covers visits to the specialist and additionally any therapeutic hardware that the patient may require. Thus, there are holes in these coverages which can be secured by either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan.

Privately owned businesses offer Plans that work with Medicare and oftentimes incorporate prescription scope. They can be HMO’s, PPO’s, or private administrations yet they won’t adversely affect you in spite of getting Medicare benefits. Auxiliary health insurance policies identified with Medicare scope are known as Medicare Supplements. They are also alluded to as “Medigap” policies which are institutionalized by the Federal Government. Likewise, with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements also work with Medicare.

The two kinds of plans are like each other with specific viewpoints, yet there is also an extensive distinction between them and in addition a wide range of alternatives. They give extra scope to your current Medicare, however one of the essential contrasts is that in 2018 Medicare Advantage premiums are typically lower than Medicare Supplement plans. They incorporate advantages and prescription medication scope that your unique Medicare does not. Out-of-pocket costs are also higher.

There are sure administrations that Medicare Supplements don’t cover and there is no supplier network with Supplement plans though there is with Advantage plans. Despite the fact that there are supplier networks, you will pay extra expenses for going outside of that supplier network. Another critical contrast amongst Advantage and supplement insurance is that Advantage plans confine the circumstances amid the year that you can enlist in one of their plans.

On the other hand, Supplement plans enable you to select at whatever point you need throughout the whole year. At long last, you are required to have both Medicare Parts A and B with a specific end goal to enlist in Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans. More data with respect to either kind of plan is accessible at Medicare’s official site. You should converse with an authorized professional from an autonomous insurance merchant before settling on any choices.  Now that you know the difference between these two important plans, you can finally go and make your choice!

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans

Is it better to have Medicare Advantage or Medigap Plans will be a major question for the senior citizen of the USA? It is advisable to check online for the list of advantages and disadvantages of Medicare. You can also search the internet for the Medicare supplement vs Medicare advantage 2018. This will provide the latest in Medicare Supplement plans. This is because it is private Medicare Supplement Insurance. There are many service providers in this market. It will be a daunting task to buy a Medigap plan, which has more benefits and low premium.

Pros-get a 2020 supplement plan at

  • Medicare Plans is the best medical insurance coverage offered by the federal government. It is especially for the people above 65-years and above age. The Medicare Supplement Plans are an additional cover, which a Medicare policyholder has a choice to buy or not.
  • It is the best health insurance for the people suffering from chronic diseases in their old age.
  • The people with pre-history of some illness are eligible to take this insurance.
  • There is no medical screening necessary for the people who are eligible to enroll for this medical insurance cover.
  • The federal government issues this health insurance for the people with disabilities.
  • The people with existing Medicare Plans can buy the Medicare Supplement Insurance.
  • The health policyholders can switch their plans conveniently.
  • You have the choice to select a private health insurance company with a low premium and maximum advantages.


  • The disadvantages of Medicare Plans are it does not cover diseases in the last stage. It does not cover renal diseases.
  • The Medicare Supplement plans premium is high with the private insurance companies.
  • Both the plans have state wise limitation for the policyholder to entitle its privileges.
  • The frequent travelers will not get any benefits when they are not in the USA.
  • Only the US nationals are eligible to take advantage of this federal health insurance policy.

The Medicare Supplement Plans are the best to have with your existing Medicare Plans. This will benefit to cover those costs, which the Medicare Plans do not service. It is advisable to check the plans, terms, and condition before buying the Medigap Plans. You can consult with a licensed health insurance agent to know more about this medical insurance. You can also consult online and clear your doubts.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Customer Service

The private health insurance companies offer the Medicare Supplement Plans in the USA. There are many service providers in this segment. You would have selected one from the top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies. Buying this plan will be much easier by consulting with a licensed health insurance agent. You can also do this online. However, the insurance service provider must serve you better later on. The below mentioned are some of the points to check on the customer service side.

Best Sales Practice

A licensed health insurance agent of that company must attend your health insurance needs. They must not do any bad practice in selling their health policy. This mostly happens with false promises. An insurance representative of a customer must follow all his or her after sales service needs.

24/7 Customer Service

When they say 24/7 customer services, you have to call and check in the non-working hours. This will prove they are working in the odd hours and on the holidays. You must select that insurance company which serves you 24-hours. These are their customer care contact numbers and electronic messaging service. They must have a dedicated helpline number. Enroll in the best 2020 supplement plans at

Claim Processing

The Medicare Supplement Plans usually cover those items, which is not covered by the original Medicare Plans. When you claim for a reimbursement, they must process your claim within their promised time. This can be a small amount or big amount; their representative must come and take those bills to submit for reimbursement. Sometimes you will not know the status of your medical reimbursement bills. Even your agent will not respond to your phone calls.

After Sales Services

The health insurance companies must update the latest happenings and changes with the Medicare Supplement plans. A proper communication about these must happen over phone, e-mails and in letters.  

The selection of Medicare Supplement Plans is subject to individual preferences. A person may have a bad experience with a health insurance company due to bad services they have offered. It is advisable to read some online reviews of the private health insurance companies present in the USA. There are few companies, who are prompt to remind you and follow for the premium payments. Few companies just want a customer enrolment and do not care later on. It is advisable to select that health insurance company, which tops in the customer service or after-sales services in the USA.